The #1 Mobile Gaming Research Report

Give your team the leading source of information for evidence-based mobile gaming product recommendations, written for product owners by product owners. Get authoritative guidance, updated monthly, to stay abreast of the latest mobile gaming updates and new product trends.

  • Revenue-driving mechanics in a concise PDF format
  • Online tools that hold over 15K libraries and years of analysis
  • The most actionable player persona reports in puzzle, casino, and RPG
  • Downloadable economy, level, and currency spreadsheets
  • Insights based on player data, market analysis, industry experts, and third party tools
  • Deconstructions of upcoming competition in soft launch and breaking the top 100

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RPG Reports

Monthly downloadable report on RPG & strategy markets

Puzzle Reports

Monthly downloadable report on the puzzle market

Casino Reports

Monthly downloadable report on the casino market

Slots Design Report

Monthly downloadable report on mobile slots design

Feature Database & Wiki Tools

  • 15K Libraries of features, events, and content across Puzzle, RPG, and Casino
  • Web access to years worth of reports, revenue drivers, and mechanic summaries
  • Downloadable player personas, economy spreadsheets, and level analysis
  • Product trend insights tool with .csv file export capabilities

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